ruespieler (ruespieler) wrote in burning_man,

Faerie Hair for Burning Man!

Fake Faerie Hair for Burning Man! I finally figured out a way to make fake Faerie Hair that looks good, stays on, and doesn't fall apart. You pick the colors and I make it up and get it to you before the Burn. (if you need it shipped far away, better speak up quick!) Only $80 bucks! Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested, or repost to your relevant communities, as I still don't have my ticket paid for yet. Pix of hair at Faerie Hair video at Thanks!

Sincerely sorry if this is too spammy. Just suddenly all excited that I figured out a way, and so many people always ask me to do the real thing for them this time of year, and I thought this just might be an awesome way for some folks to get all ribboned out without having to sit still for 7 hours!

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