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Kittens really need a home - go go burner awesomeness.

This is off topic, but burners are the best people on earth, and I need some of those right now. Long story short - I foster kittens. Kittens are awesome. Black kittens are hard to adopt because people are weird. I've adopted out the rest of this litter, but I've got two black balls of wonderfulness left. One of the black kittens tested positive for FIV. The test is very likely false (false positives are common before six months - more info below the cut) and FIV doesn't really even suck that much for a cat owner. But it means I'm having a hard as hell time getting these two perfect girls (one healthy, one might have FIV) adopted together.

I'm even willing to find you a cat sitter for the burn. I'm in the city of San Francisco. If you know anyone that can take two black super cute kittens (one of who might have FIV) please let me know.

Thanks for any help! Now back to your regular sales posts and complaints about cell phone usage...

I have two of the most absolutely adorable black girl kittens up for adoption. They are rescues that I have been fostering for the past month. While they came from a bad place, they are now bundles of love that absolutely adore humans. I honestly think they think I am their mother. Cute! Black! Purring! About 10 weeks old, spayed, dewormed, vet checked, etc.

I'd like them adopted together, as they love each other very, very much. One is a super explorer and adventurer and the other (while outgoing) is much more of a lapcat. They are almost perfect!

Almost? Yeah, well, here's the catch. The lap kitten of the two tested FIV positive. FIV is like human HIV. FIV cannot be transmitted to humans, dogs, your mother in law who is secretly an alien...only other cats. It doesn't really effect the kitten/cats life until they get older (10ish?) and then when they get ill they will crash super hard. The only ways FIV is transmitted is by momma or by saliva entering muscle tissue (think nasty bite.) This means FIV cats should be your only cats, or have other FIV friends. Now for the good news! FIV tests cannot be certain before 6 months of age. A negative is always negative, but a false positives are common in kittens due to them carrying their mothers antibodies. The odds of this kitten actually having FIV is low, but it is there.

So, do you want kittens? Do your friends want kittens? Do you want to be a hero for these little girls? They sure need one!

Must be kept indoors and never declawed. $150 donation straight to the rescue to help offset some of their vet costs and prove you aren't a douchbag who will feed kittens to snakes. Website of the rescue I work with is here: My e-mail is princessd at gmail and my number is 415 eight 4 three 1 5 32 Feel free to forward this wherever!

I'd really like to get them adopted together this weekend so they don't have to go back to the rescue and spend my Burningman in cages. Boo on that.


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