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Music + Evolution

I was driving to work today and on the *radio I heard a song titled I am an Animal by a band called soft black. I thought to myself "self: this is a most excellent song to play this year at burning man!"

So I ask of you: what songs make you think about evolution? I am a DJ, and I like to try and spin music that is relevant to the theme. I guess the caveat to my question is you would also enjoy hearing them out in the desert.

So far while working I have come up with:
Anything Devo
Nothing but Flowers by Talking Heads
We've Got Everything by Modest Mouse

Hit me up with your suggestions, and maybe you will see a giant pink and purple birthday cake driving across the playa, blasting  your requested song. (another caveat: I fucking hate trance. I kind of view the playa as my battleground in the war against trance. I am not judging those of you who like trance, and it seems there are lots of you out there, I am just saying that is not the kind ideas I am gunning for.) :-)

Last year, for American Dream, I played :
New Kicks by Le Tigre
 Make Love F*ck War  by Moby + Public Enemy
Lots of old R.E.M. (Exhuming McCarthy, Occupation, etc.)

*Those of you who don't know about KEXP out of Seattle, you need to listen to this radio station. Here is a link:

TIA and holy cow it's almost go-time.

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