The Brianna (queen_beeanna) wrote in burning_man,
The Brianna

What are your playa Must-Haves?

I know we've all got our lists, but what are the things you have found you just can't really live without?

Here are mine:
-1 gallon spray bottle, handheld+pressurized. This is great for fine misting AND for long-range lazer blasting. (as in, you didn't ask permission to take my picture.)
-Tea tree oil. added to mister water makes everything smell better. Good for sun exposure and it's antibacterial.
-Tee tree oil facial wipes by Desert Essence. The surface is slighty scrubby and they are great for foot care.
-Peppermint+grapefruit oil. Again, add to water in mister. Smells fresh and invigorating.
-Leather! Leather pants, leather jacket, leather dress. Keeps you warm, doesn't collect dust, blocks the wind.
-Brass knuckles. Nature's way of saying "do not touch" :-)
-Lots and lots and lots of fizzy water. Clears the dust out of the throat, hydrates without a bunch of sugar.
-Cough drops. Sugar free mentholated cough drops. I cannot verbalize how these save my life towards the end of the week.
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