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Red Ed

Lunatarium Needs Help

Yeppers, it has kinda gotten to this.
We will be there at some point tomorrow/today.
And I have to write the whole of the Love-In crew.

I hope that no matter who you are
or where you are
or what you are doing
or when you can do it
or even what your motivation is,

Please go as directly to this space
and lend a physical presence to helping
them as much as possible.

There is no doubt that the fire folk
benefit the most on a day to day basis
for what is happening at the Lunatarium.

I have never in all my 22 years in NYC
ever seen a space that was as fire friendly
as this one. And I have seen tons of spaces
as an artist and event promoter. I have at
least walked through every major venue the
city has to offer, and I defy someone to
show me a better fire venue. Except for
Madison Square Garden.

Lady Merv is now out there doing outreach
work with her fire station spinning. It is
not unthinkable that we can have some off duty
firemen at this venue when fire is being spun.
The Love-In, if it goes off, will use this very approach.
(Webbittown has a NYC fireman - James Austin Murray - on its roster, to

Another detail to make sure is public knowledge.

Where is the closest standpipe to the center of the venue?
Is there a firehose that can reach the center of the venue
and be turned on in less than 1 minute by just about anyone?
If those objection kinds of things can be documented and answered
this venue will thrive as a fire venue.
Our current mayor will only be concerned with the details
for finances as opposed to the philosophical concerns.
Guiliani would have shut this place down in a heartbeat in a good economy.
The city is reeling economically.
Worse than you can imagine.
Now is not the time to say no, and they know that too.

I just looked at the footage from the Decom shoot and
did not find a standpipe in them. That hurt. I thought
it was in the north stairwell on the 8th floor. The short
term solution requires building whatever they need to keep
the temporary assembly permit structure in place. The city
realizes the need for major construction and I think they
will allow for that. The Lunatarium is long on creativity
and is short on politics as they haven't been to the community board.

No, you don't own it
no, your not leasing it
no, your not pretty much throwing events in it
yes, you use it
yes, your friends use it
please help them keep using it.


Red Ed
Webbittown Burning Man Scholarship Application Team
(lest someone thinks we actually earn money. 501c3's do better than us.)

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Subject: [BManNYC] Fwd: [FlambeVolupte] Dumboluna is begging for your

This was on the Flambe list, but should go here as well. I know that
I'm not alone in believing that the Lunatarium still holds promise
and potential -- notwithstanding the issues of the past that many of
you know. I'm stuck working on shoots and can't help, but would
gladly as an investment in our collective future. Just imagine, every
time you go to a party there (or don't) you can think, "Hey, none of
this fun and frolic could take place were it not for that work that I
put in... [picture an extra fluffy cloud in heaven]. Not the least of
which, helping these guys also helps our fire community. And what
would the playa be, nay I say, what would *life* be without the joy
that is brought to us so graciously by our fire spinning (eating,
juggling, dancing) brothers and sisters?

> The Lunatarium is on the verge of either being shut down permanently or
>going legit. Who decides the fate of the only fire friendly space in town?
> After a small fire during the Airport Lounge (Ironically Not
>Our Fault!)
>the police and Fire Marshall shut down the Lunatarium until the space could
>be brought up to code and the proper permits were purchased from the
>city.($$Cha Ching!!$$)
> Don't ask how, but Dumboluna is taking care of the permits.
>The space still
>isn't up to fire code though. They need to build safety areas around the
>fire exits and they need it by Thursday.
> The Dumboluna people are not equipped for construction. They
>need anybody
>and everybody who can come help build these drywall safety areas. This is
>ploy for free improvements either. They just need big boxes built quick.
> If you can show up between now and Thursday and lend a hand,
>bring a Hammer
>bring a screwgun, whatever. Just bring it or we will be spinning fire in
>snow again, and our next big family get together won't have room for

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