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Let's get mushy!

While on the playa this year I thought of this community and decided I'd like to create a Thank-you Post when I returned. Although thanks were had in person when possible, I'd like to post a list of people to whom I'm grateful for making my burn freaking awesome. I'm aware there's a cheers and jeers thread on Eplaya, but please feel free to add your warm fuzzies here. I'd love to see who made your burn rock.

- Thanks to my Aunt Judy and Uncle Dale, who ply us with delicious margaritas on our stops to and from the playa each year, and allow us to fill their bathtub with playa.
- Thanks to the DPW for the epic work they put into making BM happen for all of us, and thanks to the Rangers who give their time so that we can all have friends to help us in times of need.
- Thanks to Serafina, the little girl drawing on the wheel at Center Camp, for awesome conversation and for sharing your art.
- Mr. Payphone, for the gin - and for getting my ass out on the playa in the first place.
- Huge thanks to the Picasso Bar, where I couldn't paint without being offered a drink. Always a place of true kindness, friendly conversation, art, booze and rest.
- Whoever made that giant fucking slide. That thing was SO FUN.
- Dr. Hal for the sangria on the way to the Temple.
- Drunk dude at Center Camp for the tequila, and Santa Claus for the licorice and conversation.
- Dog Brain for being my first luminary, Carissa from Lamplighters Camp for telling me what to do so I didn't break anything or catch anything on fire, and Rebecca for keeping Carissa and I loaded with lamps.
- The Legoland people for making all those Legos. Amazing!
- The dude at the Rocket Launch who ran out with fireworks shooting off his body. Way to take one for the team, brother!
- The Front Porch for coming to the Steampunk rave and jazzing up the place!
- Everyone who volunteered their time at medical; when I ended up there, I was treated expertly and released back into the wild. Can't thank the medical volunteers enough. Special thanks to Sonia and Guy Wearing Chain Mail, and Other Nurse I Can't Remember.
- The guy with the giant string of balloons, for letting me hold the end of it. It was magical and delighted me beyond measure.

To everyone who brought their beautiful art, ideas, costumes and faces to Black Rock City this year. Every one of you was a part of something that is incredibly special to me, and I thank you for it.

And most of all: To Shannon and Kathy, David and Will, and the rest of the Neverwas Haul crew for being totally incredible people and allowing me to be a part of that magical dream that is the Haul.
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