mariclare (tearose) wrote in burning_man,

a few of my highlights

hi everyone! i'm a little late but i'd like to finally outline all of my highlights from my third year at burning man.

-the night we arrived which was monday. it was me, my boyfriend and our good friend dana who we met up with in reno. after setting up camp, we decided to check out the city and upon leaving camp, dana and i were giggling hysterically and running down the road and someone commented, "you guys are having WAY too much fun, give me some!" we were ecstatic to be there. then in the distance we heard "pyt" by michael jackson, and i had literally just been singing it 15 minutes earlier because it was stuck in my head. so we ran in the direction of the song and ended up at the roller-rink, where we started dancing at the perimeter of the rink. then a guy who i'm assuming was with the camp roller-skated up to us and encouraged us to roller skate, and we walked up to the skates on the shelf amidst smiling, welcoming, happy people.

-waking up one morning and really wishing someone would walk up to me and offer me salmon. then half an hour later, walking down the road with friends, a guy came up to us with hugs and greetings and offered us a salmon breakfast.

-we were on the esplanade, sitting on these swinging couches, and this clown troupe came up to us and mimed for us and it was AWESOME. then when they were leaving they each wanted a kiss on the cheek :)

-we learned the thriller dance and performed it out at the man! we went to rehearsal for three days, then we went out to the man where there was a crowd of people mingling and music on a sound system playing, and then when "thriller" came on, the group of us (about 20) immediately went into zombie mode and started the dance on que, amidst a crowd of people who had no idea we'd be perfoming until the song came on! they formed a circle around us and cheered while we danced, it was amazing!

-eating grilled cheese sandwiches at black rock diner!

-seeing the burning man montages someone had made

-watching contact dance at center camp

-the 1960s british invasion dance party on tuesday night! all these people in a tent dancing our asses off while a deejay played all the awesome mid-60s pop songs, it was amaaaaaazing. it was a dream come true to me, all of us singing along and dancing up a sweat! this is something i usually only do in my car by myself, lol!

thank you everyone. see you all in two years. <3

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