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Can you help us find our sparkle poof?

Operation Sparkle Poof Recovery!

© 2009 Sue Cammack

© 2009 Sue Cammack

Thanks to everyone who came out to Soma this year to enjoy its light and fire and support the Flaming Lotus Girls. We do what we do because of all of you! This year, we had an extra-special addition to our fire repertoire: the sparkle poof.  The sparkle poofs are propane-fueled, titanium-injected poofers that so many of you got to fire off by pushing those wonderful bronze buttons on the legs of the lower cell body of Soma.

Each sparkle poof fixture was hand-crafted out of stainless steel and copper, carefully wrought into flaring petals shooting out from the upper cell body. Like all the aspects of our work, much time, energy, expense and love went into their creation.

Sadly, one of these sparkle poof fixtures was taken from the playa.

On Monday evening, the day the event closed, these fixtures were placed next to our container. They were to be loaded up with all the other bits and bobs of Soma on Tuesday morning for transport back to San Francisco. Much to our dismay, one of these beautiful fixtures was missing when we returned to our site for packing. It seems someone ‘borrowed’ a sparkle poof for themselves.

© 2009 Sue Cammack

© 2009 Sue Cammack

We are putting a call out to try to recover this essential piece of Soma. She’s just not complete without it. In order to run the sparkle poofs, we’ll have to make another fixture – an endeavor which requires even more time, energy, expense and love, all of which we’re currently expending on other upcoming projects and events.

The art people create for the playa isn’t meant to be a souvenir. It is meant to have a life beyond the desert where people around the globe can explore and appreciate the experience of participatory art in their own backyards, having their minds blown by the power of creativity just like we get to at Burning Man. Soma is no different.

© 2009 Michi Catanese

© 2009 Michi Catanese

If you have any knowledge of where our little sparkle poof may have landed, please email info@flaminglotus.com and put SPARKLE POOF in the subject line. We’re not interested in blame or shame or anything of the sort. We can even arrange to have her delivered to a neutral location. We’d just like her back. As soon as we can get her.


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