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We're flat broke, but hey - we do it in style....

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New NIMBY site

While NIMBY successfully made it to a new place and is limping along operationally, it still isn't legally allowed to host the big events and parties that so many of us have enjoyed...events that are a big part of keeping NIMBY financially afloat. The good news is that Snook has been working very hard to get the permits needed to host big events and finally has all the paperwork he needs...but not the fundage to pay Oakland for some of the outrageous permit fees they are requiring. To that end NIMBY is using a new fundraising site to help raise the cash needed to pay for the permits.


I know times are tough for everyone - hell, I had to pass the hat in my own journal to make rent this month - but even if you can't do anything yourself, please feel free to pass this along via email/Facebook/Tribe/MySpace/whatever.
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