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Purr-fect gift for a Burner this Holidaze season....

...trying not to pimp my products too hard, but this is Burning Man related AND in the spirit of the man, I am open to barter. Pimping as follows:
I've had a few people in the community message me asking to post my link for the furry cat hats & fun playa wear I make.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Don't see your size or color? I offer more than 50+ different colors, styles and lengths of fur. And I can make custom hats, shrugs, leg and arm warmers in any size or color. Woo!

Thanks for the support and see you all on the playa next year! Once again
In the spirit of Burning Man, I also down for trade/barter. Shoot me a message of leave me a post here...let's work something out.


PS. I would also like to offer FREE SHIPPING to anyone on this list. Be sure to mention it and I will be sure to adjust the final cost. Meow!
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