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Make It or Break It Time at NIMBY

The latest from the NIMBY announce list:

NIMBY has now reached the critical juncture we have seen looming for sometime. To further our progress with the city – where things are still going well – we have had to make many tough financial decisions. We have shelled out endless amounts of money for permit fees, engineers, and testing services. In the name of progress we have had to divert funds from everyday bills, like the rent, to finalize the city process.

Although Snook is a master cash flow juggler NIMBY is at the point where creative solutions end. We have attempted to raise as much money as possible from foundations, loans, and donations to avoid this – but here we are.

December is make it or break it for NIMBY. We need to meet our past due bills or look at the option of ending things here.

We have a beautiful space, our permits are going through, we are bustling with tenants and many new, amazing projects are on the horizon for spring. We would be financially viable month-to-month but the added expense of navigating the bureaucracy of Oakland is not something we could have prepared for. We are at the point where there is no more juggling, no more robbing Peter to pay Paul, this is it. NIMBY is struggling and needs your support to bring expenses under control or pull the plug.

If everyone on this list donated $20 we will make it though this lean period. For all the reasons you support art, community, DIY-ness and free-thinking goodness – please consider giving NIMBY a Christmas to remember once again. It's up to you at this point. Lets keep NIMBY's doors open and head into 2010 on solid ground - we have come too far to disappear now.

How to lend your support:

You can donate here:

Donate directly:

Tax Deductible Donations - email rachael(at)nimbyspace(dot)org

Keep up with NIMBY:

NIMBY Announce List - http://www.nimbyspace.org/contact/

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/nimbyspace#/nimbyspace?v=info&ref=ts

Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/NIMBYSPACE

As always more detailed updates on our progress can be found at http://www.nimbyspace.org

Believe me, I know it's a lean time of year for people. I just got my first actual paycheck today in over ten months. But two weeks ago today, I watched one of my other communities (drink!) raise the money for a friend to pay for her husband's burial costs in less than eight hours. I have faith.

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