Courtney (the great and terrible) (cork118) wrote in burning_man,
Courtney (the great and terrible)

Virgin burner + greeter at BM2010!

Hey everyone!

I'm Courtney, 2010 will be my first burn, and I absolutely cannot wait! I just got an email notice two days ago that my application to be a Greeter was accepted, so I'll be out there welcoming ya'll home as you drive in! Is anyone else volunteering as a Greeter this year? I'd love to connect with some other Greeters before the burn. :)

A friend really wants to go with me, but chances are that she won't have the funds to make it. I'm most likely going to be joining a caravan of people who leave from a nearby town, so I'll have a day or two of driving to make some new friends. Has anyone else gone out there relatively solo, especially on your first Burn?

I just... ahhh I'm all over the place. I've been dreaming of dust for months now!! Can't wait to work, play, dance, and rejoice with all of you out there on the playa!
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