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Camp Envy

Hey all! I finally remembered to sign up for the LJ group this year. I've got my ticket framed (yes indeed it is framed on a shelf in my work office to remind me what my reward at the end of the summer is) and have started making a list and checking it twice of what goes or stays when it comes time to pack for da Playa.

I wanted to make sure that those here on LJ that have had the pleasure of sitting at home and logging in on BMIR to snag glimpses of or listen to bits and pieces of broadcast candy, are aware of what we now lovingly call "Camp Envy" (we are the missing nuts). There's a Facebook page started and many of us that are going to be walking through the dust flows in person are making sure we keep our fellow campers in the loop during our adventures. We may even work on getting a PSA worked up for BMIR.

Camp Envy may not be on the physical plain of existence, but it is real in the cyber world.
All hail the missing nut!

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