Jacqui (jacqui) wrote in burning_man,

Hello My Darling Fellow Burners,

I want to qualify this so you won't think it's an inappropriate spammy post or something. I am a three year Burning Man going, animal-loving vegetarian Mom, with a billion rescued animal companions. I'm also a member of this community but don't post as often as most because I get so distracted by life and the poor functioning of my fuzzy brain. In any case, I have been having a sad hard time lately, several of my beloved cat friends died within the last few months. I've spent a fortune (thousands and thousands) in vet care and still my beloved friends have died. I'm so depressed. It's been a combination of age, kidney and heart disease. With age I'm more or less prepared, but with kidney and heart disease you never know, they're fine and then suddenly they're fading really fast.

A few days ago my beloved friend Tick died and I am so torn up and tortured about it. he was such an amazing person, one of the most loving cats I've ever met. No matter what anyone says I blame myself, I think I should have intervened sooner, should have argued with the vet or paid more attention or just done something else. I've been crying and crying and taking whatever left over meds I can find to sort of get myself through this.

Then suddenly today it occurred to me that I needed to do something to bring luckiness or good energy into my life and the lives of my LJ pals, cause things have really been sucking lately, so I came up with a LJ Lucky Elephant Hunt thing. I know it might seem stupid but it will at least take my mind off things and who knows maybe it will bring some luck or cheer to people. Anyway if you guys are interested come by my journal and read about it. I'd post it here but I think this is as much risk in terms of off-topicness as I'm willing to take. I think I'll post this here and in the Animal Rights community journal because these are my favorites, oh and maybe the cat community.

I really love you guys,

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