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Hey all,

After two years I decided I wanted to work a shift as a greeter. I filled out a volunteer application back in January, didn't hear anything back for a while, and today was added to the Greeters listserv (got the email about 30 minutes ago). The email gave me information for a scheduling site, so I signed up to check it out and found that most of the shifts have already been filled. I know it's BM and I didn't expect a lot of scheduling structure in the first place, but I thought it was weird that I wasn't contacted until most of the sched was filled up. Anyone know why this is? Do they only let a certain group of people do the prime time greeting (like folks from the Greeters camp), or do they ever have newbies get involved? Any recommendations for cool times to greet? There isn't much left but I'd still like to give it a try. :) Thanks darlings.
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