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i just realized how much i'm gonna miss burning man this year :(. now that i live on the east coast i can't make it out there nearly as much as i used to be able to. i went last year (for my third time) and swore that i would be back in two years. with money and the crummy economy i hope that's still a possibility.

i really want to ask a friend who's going to bring something to the temple for me so that at least a piece of me IS there....but i have yet to figure out what i want that something to be. maybe i'll make something specifically to be burned in the temple.

anyway. i guess i just wanted to come to you guys for an ear (or eyes?) to listen. LOL.

i think i posted this here before, but this is one of my favorite pics i took, it was on the way to burning man 2004. i'm really really gonna miss you guys this year!
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