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Ooooooh my goodness, friends!

This is it! After seven years of poking, prodding, dreaming, scheming, and some stumbles along the way, I'm finally heading to Black Rock City for the first (but not last!) time in two short (but oh so long!) months. I've been fortunate to have crossed paths with so many Burners along the way, all of whom sang the praises of BRC and told me of my Burner spirit that longed to go home. Despite the fates seeming to conspire against me, I've secured my time off, thrown my headfirst into believing that I can afford the time off from work, and become quite close with a lovely benefactor who gifted me with a ticket, a ride, and a glorious group of folks with whom to make camp.

Like many of you, I know, I'm caught up in a frenzy. The frenzy of writing packing lists, coordinating gear, daydreaming about costumes, and drinking so much coffee that I start vibrating in my seat.

How do you keep yourself sane in the final two months?

What's your most essential clothing item? Your favorite beat-up boots? That furry vest that people can't stop touching? Your el wire enhanced top hat?

What do you wish someone had told you before your first burn?

I'm coming home, darlings! Just to a home I've never seen before!
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