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Final call... anyone interested in going to a sfbayarea LJ event?

Anyone interested in meeting up with the sfbayarea LJ'ers @ the Beach Burn
next Saturday? ...anyone? Bueller... Bueller...

Burning Man Beach Burn
Saturday, January 27th
San Francisco Ocean Beach - Stairwell 28
Great Highway & Lincoln Blvd
Time: 8:00 PM

On the last Saturday of the month we gather on the beach in San
Francisco to rekindle the fire that burns in each one of us. Each
gathering on the beach will bring us closer to Burning Man.

We have dances to move, fires to burn, now to live. We wait all year
long for the final blast of the Man. It is the cycle we all prepare for,
wait for, long for. What we do before we get there is just as
important. Bring your body for dancing, your drums to pound,
something flammable for the fire. If you're a fire spinner/swallower and
want to practice, this is the perfect place. It's also a great place to see
all of the above...

A challenge to all that go to the Beach Burns: we encourage people
to bring an offering for the fire. Not just set something on fire, but
create something, build a work of art and then set it on fire.

Please no glass containers on the beach. Clean up after yourself
and please, LEAVE NO TRACE.
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