Sayaka // 沙耶夏 (sayaka) wrote in burning_man,
Sayaka // 沙耶夏

Natural Dreads

Hello, fellow burners! :D

I hope everyone's excited because the burn is fast approaching. This year, I am bringing a newbie with me, and he has very long, beautiful, natural dreads. Try as hard as I might I haven't found any good information on how to care for natural dreads on the Playa (which is strange beacuse I could SWEAR that I've read an article about it on ePlaya in the past) and I don't have any practical experience in caring for them at all - my dreads are always synthetic, given that I've got very short hair.

Any advice would be appreciated - he's had his dreads for 15+ years and is worried about his hair. I'd like to be able to reassure him that all will be well!

Be well and see you all on the Playa!
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