harm_city_heart (harm_city_heart) wrote in burning_man,

Looing for a ticket and an early-arrival ride

Hey all! I'm headed to the playa after taking last year off, and am ridiculously excited. It was sort of last-minute, as I just got into a financial situation where BM was do-able. So, the ticket search begins; obviously, I'm looking for a first-tier ticket, but I'll pay up to $250 if needed.

I'm also looking for an early-arrival ride on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. The rest of my camp is going on Wednesday, but I have to work Wednesday night, so I'm planning on flying out early Thursday morning. I'll chip in for gas, take a driving shift, and keep you company. The only thing I ask is that we stop by a grocery store and a liquor store on the way out. I'll only have a couple bags, as the rest of my stuff will be on a car being driven out and most of my food will have already traveled out there with the rest of the camp.

EDIT: Found both a ticket and a ride! Thanks a lot!

Thanks a bunch! See you in the desert!

~Rachel Stewart


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