Moonlits (tarathene) wrote in burning_man,

Ride From Sacramento?

I am finding myself in a situation where I will have a ticket waiting for me at will-call on the 30th, people to meet up with and camp with on the playa once we all make it there, a small pile of supplies growing in a corner of the bedroom, and no certain way to get from Sacramento to BRC. Is there any chance that someone here might have space for a lone virgin (only in Burning Man terms!) and her gear? No major projects going with me, just basic supplies and equipment.

Going from just north of I-80 on I-5 to the will-call line. No early entry pass, but I am fine with dragging myself through the will-call line with the help of other people who are going to will-call if you're not! A ride back would be awesome as well, but I know the concentration of people leaving BRC is a lot higher than the concentration going to BRC which would make a ride back off of the playa easier to find.
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