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There's Always Room for Jill-o

Temple offering courier service

Hi, all!

If you can't attend Burning Man this year but would like something placed at The Temple, I'd be honored to be your transport. I've done this for about four years now, and it's been very gratifying for me (and hopefully also to those who've entrusted me with their offerings).

How's it work?

[] Feel free to email me poems, letters, photos, collages, etc. and I'll print it out here on somewhat spiffy paper and I'll place it at the temple for you. (If you want to keep it confidential, you can snail-mail it to me in a sealed envelope within an envelope, and I'll place your sealed envelope at the temple.)
[] If you have an object that will fit in my carry-on bag and won't upset the TSA, I'm glad to courier it if you snailmail it to me.
[] I'm also glad to just say, sing, or meditate a little impromptu offering there in your honor if that's more your style. 

After we return home from the event, I'll email you a photo of your offering resting at the temple. (Of course, if you choose the singing/speaking/meditating option, I can't really send you a picture of that. :-P )

Edited to add: Email me your goodies (or questions) at

I'm leaving for the playa on Friday, August 26th, so you've got a little time. (If it's OK with you all, I'll repost this the week before the event as a reminder.)

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