maryjaneinbrain (maryjaneinbrain) wrote in burning_man,

black rock city dreaming

I got a little creative and inspired by the song California dreaming by the Mamas and Papas..

i've been wondering, i've wondering around
waiting for the day, waiting for the day
thinking of my joyous walk,
on such a dusty day, on such a dusty day
i'll be safe and warm
around the fire all night, around the fire all night
Black Rock City dreaming
It's going to be alrightttt

I stopped into a camp
I passed along the way, passed along the way
well, I began to drink
and I heard a man say, I heard a man say
"you know I forgot to tell you", I forgot to tell you
"that you're drinking electric kool-aid", electric kool-aid
Black Rock City dreaming
on such a dusty dayyy

I hopped on a mutant vehicle
to continue my day, to continue my day
when i got across the playa
I heard of group scream "heyyyyyyyyyyyy!", heard a group scream "heyyyyyyyyyy!"
as I got closer, as I got closer
I noticed they were camp-mates, they were camp-mates
apparently they didn't see me for almost three days, almost three days
Black Rock City dreaming
on such a dusty dayyy
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