There's Always Room for Jill-o (xtingu) wrote in burning_man,
There's Always Room for Jill-o

Pre-Burning Man decompression prep? (say that 10x fast...)

Wow, that's a pretty confusing subject line. :)

So! Does anyone else have any decompression stuff they do before leaving for the playa to make their re-entry easier?

For example: Before I leave for Burning Man, I make sure my house is as uncrappy as possible so when I'm totally cracked out from a week in the desert and my red-eye flight home, I walk into a clean, calm, peaceful, quiet house instead of the wrecking-ball disaster state I usually leave it in. It's a pain in the ass to do as I'm also trying to pack for the playa/airport and get out the door, but maaaaaaaan what a difference it makes.

How 'bout you?
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