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A note to all first-timers:
Things you really ought to take to Burning Man.

1) Water -- at least 1 gallon per person per day. Black Rock is very arid. It'll suck the moisture from
your body very rapidly, and you won't even notice it. This 1 gallon minimum is just for drinking purposes.
If you want to bathe, you'll need to take more. Last year, I had one day where I drank 2 gallons, and still
ended up going to the bathroom only once. You might also want to consider taking Gatoraide to drink in
addition, but not needed daily, and not if you take food that will increase your electrolytes.

2) Non-perishable food. Jerky works quite well. Dried fruits, too. Problem with regular fruits and vegetables
is the stuff you throw away; it can get quite smelly. Remember, you have to take your garbage out with you.
There are no waste facilities. Don't make the assumption that if you throw something on the ground that it
will rot. The moisture will be sucked from it before it has the chance. It will end up petrifying. Besides,
you aren't allowed to leave anything behind. "Leave No Trace" is serious.

3) Something to sleep in (tent, sleeping bag, etc). Burning Man happens 24 hours a day, but you're going to
have to sleep sometime. Not everyone can fit in Center Camp. When pitching your tent, use metal tent stakes,
not plastic. The ground is so hard that the plastic ones will break, and the alluminim ones will bend.

4) A little money. True, Burning Man is not a monetary based economy/community, but you can buy coffee and
other drinks at the Center Camp Cafe, along with ice. These are the only things for sale at Burning Man, and
all proceeds go to the local (Gerlach) schools. If you want to risk buying drugs on the playa, then you might
want to take more. But Burning Man has so much to offer, there's no real reason to use drugs. It's quite an
experience all in its own.

5) Toys and costumes.

6) Trinkets to trade or give to your neighbors and friends that you meet out there.

7) Lots of sun-block, especially if you plan on roaming the desert nude or semi-nude. Most of us do. And be
sure to take lotion for that sunburn you do get. Sunglasses to keep the sun from burning your eyes. Yes, we
really have had people with sunburned eyes, it is not a joke.

8) Be sure you don't forget your tickets. Otherwise you'll have to pay to get in. And they won't let anyone
in by buying tickets there after Thursday.

9) Take an open mind. Be ready to experience things that you haven't even thought of yet. So many people with
so many original ideas go out there, that you will find yourself seeing things that you wouldn't see any
where else.

There is so much more that I want to relate. I will not be able to attend this year. But from many past years
experience, you will have a great time. It is the ultimate in mind-numbing experiences, especially for those
of you who are first-timers.

Just remember to participate -- do something! Don't just watch. We call those people spectators, and those are
the people we don't want. If you juggle, teach others how. If you give awesome massages, give some. Start a
spontaneous parade. Just do something. It's fun!

When you leave, you will finally understand why we call Black Rock "home." The mundane place you now live in
is just that. It's your second home. Black Rock will forever dominate, and be your true home.

Just 6 more months.

If any of you "old timers" wish to add anything, please do! A "Don't take to Burning Man list" would be nice.
I'd write it, but my post is long enough already! :)



You can also go to my website to view pictures from the last
4 years.

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