Charlie (kotenok) wrote in burning_man,

Questions, questions, questions!

Hi everyone.

After many years of wanting to go, and getting as far as getting tickets last year (then having to cancel so we could afford to get married instead), we're finally in a place where it looks like we'll be going home for the first time next year, and I couldn't be more excited! (I know it's crazy-far in advance to start a lot of planning, but we'll need time to save for the flights and RV hire.)

I'd love any advice anyone can pass on with regards to any/all of the following please:

- RV hire: pitfalls, best location to hire from, benefits of having one you might not have already thought of.

- Food: for someone who doesn't know US food at all it would be handy to know what are good long life foods? What would work well on the Playa?

- Stuff: given we're going to have to cram everything into a 50-pound or less weight allowance for our flight, what are the things we absolutely mustn't cut out, and what can we leave at home?

- any other general advice on attending the burn from internationally.

Disclaimer: I've read pretty much all the FAQ on the Burning Man website, and whilst it's got lots of generalised-but-useful info, I'd really like to hear personal tips/experiences etc.

Thanks so much!

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