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:::Call for Submissions:::

Virago is an Anarcha*Feminist Zine - Now Accepting Submissions -
I am looking for essays/poetry/rants/experience stories/comics/artwork, etc. catering to a feminist/anarchist's viewpoint.

Sample Ideas/Inspiration:

Ideological Oppression
Gender Stereotyping
Gender "Fucking"
Consumer Whorism
Anti-Corporate Media
Free Speech Online
Any experience stories, etc. from working with Food Not Bombs
Dumpster Diving Experience Stories, etc.
Sex Work vs. Authoritarianism
Menstrual Anarchy
Pro-Choice Works
Women's Rights
Devotions to Anarcha-Feminists of the Past
Looking to the Future - Hopes, Idolatry, News
Anti-War essays/rants
Women of the Animal Liberation Front
Anarchist-Lesbian Viewpoint- Equality/Rights
Personal Anarcha-Feminist Manifestoes

Please send any Submissions to: grrrlpirate@hotmail.com

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