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Hello Burners!   It's me!   Faerie Green Eyes!

This is my first entry to the Burning Man Journal.   I was a new participant at Burning Man this past year.   My son, "Dream", went to his first Burn in 2000 and was so enthusiastic, his dad, "Doc", and I just couldn't resist going.   We're going again this year and will be bringing our daughter who is graduating from ASU this May.

Doc and I are children of the 60's... in other words, old farts!   I can tell you one absolute truth though.   Inside of our not-so-slowly decaying flesh, we're still the same young-at-heart twenty somethings we used to be.   At least I am anyway!   *chortles*

I would like to invite all of you to come and see Faerie Green Eyesuz Fabulous Domain at Burning Man 2001 photo gallery at my site.   There is even a Burning Man guestbook you can sign if you like and share some of your experiences with us!

Piss Clear!
Faerie Green Eyes (aka "fge")

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