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My First Time...

They say that the first time is the most special... errrr, but then again some say the first time hurts, but once you get used to it... errr never mind that.

Anyhow, I was just wondering what the first thing everyone here experienced at Burning Man was?

The first year I went, we arrived late at night on a Tuesday evening. Most of BRC was pretty sparce, and it was too dark to really make anything out. After a gruelingly long drive (me driving with a car load of people, stopping every few miles cause someone had to pee/stretch/whine/etc) I got out of the car. I grabbed some of my camping gear and a flashlight and got ready to set up my tent when 2 of my companions decided they needed to get into a spat. I decided to just put all my shit down and go for a walk instead.

First thing that catches the light is 2 grown men beating each other senseless with nerf bats jumping around and giggling bare-assed nekkid flappin around as they frollic. As my jaw hits the ground, I hear, "Hey you. You, with the flashlight."

I turn off the light and say, "Who, me?"

"Yeah you... c'mere!"

I walk over... "Heya, what's up?"

"Here, smoke this and have a beer with us..."

ah... I can hardly wait to be home again.

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