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My Groovetech isn't streaming!

So I thought I would listen to my son's music on my RealPlayer since my server seems to be working today.   Some time ago I recorded him singing karaoke and then, in some instances, made Flash movies to turn them into a virtual online album tribute sort of thing.   Very Burning Man (for me!)

If you want to go to the site, the URL is

Well, it isn't Groovetech (although he is in the process of compiling a disc of original trance songs... he's quite the musician!)

I don't know if this will work or not, but I thought I'd post the links to some of his songs here.   If you have RealPlayer, the links should launch it.   I have no idea what happens if you have another streaming media player.   Feel free to post comments about that or about the site.

You are my Sunshine (acapella)
Smile and Think of Me (all original)
Counting Blue Cars
I'll Be
Always a Woman
For the Longest Time
Rocket Man
She's Got a Way

Of course, he's not half bad looking either!

"Dream" at Burning Man 2000 and 2001


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