Hine-O-Te-Rangi (si_mei) wrote in burning_man,

I tried to tell Dad about my Leave No Trace certification..

NExt weekend, Im getting my Leave No Trace certification in Black Rock Desert. Though I grew up in the Mojave, this will be my first time on the Playa. By the end of the weekend, I will be qualified to oversee cleanup and instruct others in the Leave No Trace ethics. The training includes orientation and guidance from master LNT guides, and a two day trip through the playa.

Part of the training is learning one specific tenet of the seven tenets of the philosophy, and teaching it to the group. Mine is "Camp and Travel on Durable Surfaces"

When I told my dad about this, he scoffed. "Bunch of hippies! Bunch of socialists! I thought we were supposed to leave the earth better, not leave it untouched!" (Nevermind the bluster - he's all stuff.)

"But dad," I said.. "You cant spell 'conservative' without 'conserv.'"
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