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The Journey Begins

Actually it already started two weeks ago. I'm in Virginia now and I'm heading out for DE tonight. Burning Man is still 94 days away but Playa Del Fuego starts tomorrow and I'm almost finished packing. My only hope is that it's going to be like Burning Man for my friend I'm taking along who's never been to the desert but might eventually make the trek out to Black Rock with me. Hopefully I will share a moment with some of you! Cheers!


Eyes Behold

Words that have for so long departed from me have now returned and are spilling forth like flooded gates.

Flooded Gates

We flood the gates onto the Playa with some thousand restless souls.

Restless Souls

My soul has been restless for so long now, not knowing where it has come from or where it is going.

Where It Is Going

Where we are going we will unite our mind with our body and body with soul.We will come together and all be one with the Earth.

One With The Earth

There is but one Earth and we will learn so intensely her beauties and her torments. She will give us water when we are dry, yet drown us. She will warm us when we are cold, yet set us on fire.

Set Us On Fire

The fiery sun sets beneath the horizon of the Earth, that great expanse of desert. It is the night of The Burn.

Night Of The Burn

It has been burning within me all along, though I have only now just discovered the heat of the flame.

Heat Of The Flame

The flames lick the night sky as we watch the man that burns. Something intangible and nameless stirs within me and I am left in awe of what my eyes behold.

Words By Jessa
Virgin Burner 2001
copy protected 2001

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