Artist Shannon Kringen (shannonkringen) wrote in burning_man,
Artist Shannon Kringen

hello! i have been making new webPAGES and videoCOMEDY with my
female friend RacyTRACI who is a full time clown for a living!!! you
can see streaming video we made here "to catch a man" is the
title of ours. traci does lots of comedy. we met cuz we both do
cable access tv shows in seattle. we are both on this sunday night
@8pm in seattle on channel 29/77. and here are some ultraCOLORFUL
pics of us playing on the ferry and in the woods-
3 new pages. more to come! i am EXPANDING my creative adventures.
it's so healing to have a female friend to make aRt with. i have had
trouble with jealousy and competition with women and it feels so good
to support one another in our statement! Lovely*** i hope you are
having a day filled with whatever you want!
Love, shannon
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